Riding for:-  Children from 4 years old.
                  Adults any age.
                  Beginners and nervous riders always welcome.
We are a friendly family run riding school established nearly 40 years ago. We are easy to find: just
follow the A541 from Mold to Wrexham (see map) and you will find us on the right just after a short  
stretch of dual carriagway.  If you are travelling from Wrexham towards Mold, you will find us, clearly 
marked on the left, a little way past the village of Pontblyddyn. Please call in for a leaflet if you are
passing the riding school, or come at the weekend to meet us and the horses and ponies.   
You can phone us anytime including evenings on 07523 853269.
We offer:-
Friendly, down to earth, straight forward and practical advice and instruction on how to ride and get on
well with all types of horses and ponies.
We cater for:-
Children from 4 years old. We make the rides entertaining and fun so that young riders are relaxed and
enjoy learning all about their ponies and how to ride them well. We also teach them to be aware of
how their ponies think and feel.
Adults of any age who want to learn to ride, or get back into riding doing so at their own pace, will
enjoy being out in the countryside. We take a non-competitive approach to riding, and riders of any age
and ability are welcome.
Our emphasis is on enjoyment and learning to ride well. We give clear straightforward explanations
of different riding techniques and how and why they work, and we show riders how to develop a good 
partnership with all types of horses and poniea and to understand how they think and behave.
Horses and Ponies
We have a wide variety of horses and ponies. They are all ages and breeds from the well bred and eye
catching to the ordinary family horse or pony. Like people, they each have their own personality and
ability. We encourage adults and older children to experience riding a range of different horses and 
ponies so that they can develop a good rapport or relationship with any type of horse.
Riders aquire and practice basic riding skills and techniques in the arena. People aquire these skills 
at different rates according to age, personality, past experience or physical traits etc. Some skills 
initially require a lot of practice and we use a variety of methods designed to interest and entertain, as
well as instruct so that riders are relaxed and gain confidence.
Woodland Trails and Grass Tracks
When riders are ready, if they wish to, they can practice riding through woodland trails and along grass
tracks etc. The school has two private, natural woodlands, with fields and meadows full of wild flowers to
ride through without having to cross roads or encounter traffic.
We think riding is a wonderful pastime and hobby. It does not have to be competitive and can be 
enjoyed by people of all ages, from 4 years to past retirement, and by people of all shapes, sizes and 
physical abilities. 
We set out to give clear, straightforward explanations of what works well, what can sometimes work,
and what is likely to cause problems and why. We explain how horses and ponies think and how to 
make it easy for them to understand what you are asking them to do. We also aim to make the ride 
entertaining and interesting as well as instructive for every age group and to make them thoroughly
enjoyable for both riders and the horses and ponies.
Text Box:      
        The Telephone Number For the Alyn Bank Riding School is 01352 770621

           Additional Numbers are (STEPHEN)  07523 853269